The Rules of Love

The rules of love and war are the same.

One of them is: do not deny defeat – learn from it.

For not every story is a fairytale.

A seer was travelling toward a city, when he met a princess. As they fell into conversation the princess sighed and said:

“Seer, I live with a man whom was once a prince yet in time has become  a donkey. Immovable and stubborn, he falls more and more into a darkness that is so vast that I have no idea what to do.”

To this the seer replied:

” I see no walls around your heart, but I see many surrounding his. The walls that your beloved has set up, he will one day have to tear down if he does not want to die before his time. As for you, princess, I will say, that love is not a cup that never runs dry. Listen to your heart, but disciplin it with your mind. For a heart moves nothing, if not moved in time.”

“What does that mean? That a heart moves nothing if not moved in time?”

“It means: let your feet follow your heart.”


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