Listening to Life – Following Signs


El Camino (2009), own photo.

Every day is a new day.

However, if the colours of the world, the taste of wine or the wind caressing our faces no longer touch the innermost part of us, that is when we should take caution.

For when the miracles of each day, the signs we are given to follow to  lead us to where we want to go, goes by unnoticed, that is when we have grown deaf to the call of life. (These signs can be anything: an idea, a phonecall from a friend, an article in the newspaper etc.)

Why is it so important to notice these daily miracles? Well, because they are the stuff that dreams are made of.  And because  they are opportunities that cannot be saved up; they can only be acknowledged and thankfully accepted.

It is in these moments that Love – the universal energy that binds every living thing together – opens a door. A door which we only have to walk through to change our situation.

Our dreams were born with and within us for a reason – all we need to do is say “yes” to them.


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