As I was standing in line the previous Thursday morning at Copenhagen airport in order to have a croissant and a cappuccino, I noticed a middleaged woman infront of me. She was dressed all in black, wore black high heeled boots, carried a small black trolley behind her on top of which she had a small fabric bag. Her hair was a fuzzy, but well-tamed mass of below-the-ear brownish curls and her make-up was laid with a well-trained hand. All in all, there was an air of “having-it-all-under-control” and effeciency about her. Which led to me conclude that she was on some sort of business trip.
When the cashier was to take the woman’s order, today’s story revealed itself to me. The importance of paying attention to one’s surroundings.

When you travel, you are more rooted in each moment because you depend upon the world and the people around you to survive.

This lesson – paying attention – was one the woman in front of me had not yet fully learned it seemed. Several times, as the cashier asked her questions regarding the order, the woman simply didn’t listen and so didn’t answer. In her eyes I could see that she was somewhere else than right there, right then.

And why then is it so imporant to pay attention?
Well, first of all it’s polite to acknowledge the person in front of you, looking them in the eye  and seeing them. After all, we are all connected souls travelling through the Universe and through life. All at this moment, together.
Second, we never know where, when or how a door will open to us. A door that only we, individually, can see because only we know our own hearts desires. And it is in those moments that our dreams beg us to listen to their call. 


Evernote Snapshot 20130228 093752

From above Sweden.


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