2005 01 01_Snestorm Marts 2013_0007_edited-2

Photo by Charlotte Luxhøj

There’s been a small snowstorm here today.

When I was riding my bike to a meeting this morning,  the snow got into my eyes, making them water and making me half-blind at the same time.  All I could see was my bike and the small patch of asphalt underneath it. All I could do was just keep on going.

The theme today seems to be that of storms.  

When we encounter a storm, there is no use in cursing it for storms are a part of  this place in which we live. Sometimes there are storms, sometimes there’s not a wind at all. This is part of the cycle of nature. It is a part of life.

Anxiety was born with mankind and is one of the inner storms that we – as we will never be able to master it for it is a force all on its own –  can learn to live with. Just as we live side by side with the storms.  If we merely accept that sometimes snow gets into our eyes, sometimes we cannot see further than a hand and acknowledge that storms teach us that they always blow over, then we have learnt something truly important. And then we can begin to see the beauty in every storm. When speaking of dreams and wanting to recieve the thing we are waiting for as quickly as possible, this too is part of the human condition, eventhough we do not control when things will happen. In living with every storm we will learn what the farmer knows. Sometimes there is nothing else to do than to sit down, wait for the storm to blow over and then go back to work.


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