Changing routine

Changing routine is changing yourself.  And these changes start in the small. In the small is where every dream is being fertilized or being laid barren.

In the small, in the choices we make everyday is where we decide which seeds to sow. It’s in the thoughts we entertain that we give up or take back our souls.

It is when good men do nothing that Darkness grows stronger within the soul of Man.


To continue down the same lines, it is when we fear to look at our selves, at our own history – personal as well as societal – that we become destined to repeat history. To repeat the same routine, over and over.

For the one who dares not question his or her own actions, the thought patterns of society and thereby also one’s own patterns – how then can he or she wake up from an ancient sleep?

Dreams are only possible for those who dare reach for them.


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