Moments and Spiritual Practice

Every day is a continuity of moments.

Moments which (this we often fail to realize due to rutine) we have tremendous impact on. These moments are the strings along which we, like a spider, build our lives and our dreams. It is in the everyday moments that we can choose to follow our dreams or deny them.

The moment when Love reveals itself, the magical moment when our dreams beg us to listen to them, beg us to choose a new direction, can occur at any time. Therefore we must stay vigilant to embrace these moments of magic, that come to us everyday. They’re the sun trying to catch our attention, mirroring on the waves.  

So what has spiritual practice got to do with everyday moments and dreams? Well, very much. When we experience anything beyond ourselves – be it God, Allah, Buddha, Love, some kind of divine or extraordinary force – then we must necessarily accept that this force is the force through which we are all connected. It is a force bigger than us, a natural force so to say. When we are all connected spiritual practice becomes elemental if we want to better the world for ourselves and each other. For we cannot build our dreams alone.

As a recent song of John Mayer states: “Love is a verb.”  Love is a concrete thing, a concrete action. If we want to follow our dreams, to make them real we must act. In acting according to our hearts, we follow that ancient rhythm; the very heartbeat of the Universe.  When we love and act from that love, then we are indeed spiritual practitioners. And that is when we start moving with the flow of life.

Becoming a spiritual practitioner, a lover, is an act within everyday moments.


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