Autumn and harvest – reaping what we have sown

Autumn is slowly making it’s way into the world. The days are growing shorter, the wind chillier.

And as the wheel of the year turns, autumn is the time of new beginnings. In the way, that this time of the year is the time when we reap what we have sown.

It is this time of year that our hard work is returned. Because it is always returned – in one way or another our efforts give a result. It is now that new paths open, that new roads must be taken in order to cement the changes that this year has offered.

Let me illustrate by how my own path has turned this year.

Yesterday evening I arrived home to my fiancé and our dog after a journey to the past, to my childhood home, to finish a chapter of my life. Arriving at the apartment in outer Stockholm, I found a letter waiting for me on the hallway table. It was an invitation to sign up for this year’s book fair in Copenhagen.

It’s been a couple of years since I published Den Hellige Kriger through Books On Demand, yet I have never actually taken this opportunity. This year however, I did. Acting on some reflections about what I am in this place to do.

So… supposedly there’s close to 30,000 visitors at the book fair each year. If just one will take a look at the message that Den Hellige Kriger conveys, all my work will have paid off.

Too, it seems that the pace of my life has slowed down quite a bit –  just as the energy of the world in general slows down, and goes into “hibernation” until the spring. Like a universal heartbeat, fall and winter is the relaxation; where we gain momentum and gain strength for the coming year. Spring and summer is the contraction, where we are more “in action”.

My days, the way it looks now, will consist of writing, reading, walking.=)

Happy Autumn!


One thought on “Autumn and harvest – reaping what we have sown

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