World Kindness Day , November 13th

(“Imagine” – John Lennon)

This morning, when turning on my computer, something odd happened.
Out of the blue,  it opened a movie I have lying around for research-purposes, and the intro-music started playing. A somewhat omnius sound, since the movie that was on was “Jud Süss”, a propaganda movie produced at the encouragement of Goebbels in 1940, starring Ferdinand Marian. (A scary example of what technology and “evil” can achieve, hand in hand. It had 20 million viewers in Germany at the time of release).

It gave me the theme of today’s blog.

Hannah Arendt, a German philosopher, came up with the term “the banality of evil” to point toward the “normality” of evil. It is in our everyday act – the ones we take or do not take – that directly or indirectly harm our selves and/or other people that we resign from our responsiblity as a  human being.

Hanna Arendt described the banality of evil as a cause of modern society, contributing the banality of evil to the loss of personal responsibility that lure in the hallways of  bureaucracy, it is created with the mass society and the anynomity that follows.

Yet, it is my argument that the banality of evil is nothing new. It has excisted since the dawn of time. Since the Biblical fall from Eden.

So… since today is World Kindness Day, my proposal is to do something kind. It can be toward another being or toward yourself. Let’s cultivate community, togetherness and ultimately, Love.

Happy World Kindness Day.


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