Human Rights Days in Stockholm

I attended a seminar this afternoon in connection with the Human Rights Days (14th-16th of November) here in Stockholm, the biggest Nordic convention on human rights.

One issue that especially caught my attention was the discussion centering on a gap in the view on economic and social rights versus the “higher” status of civil and political rights. As human rights are declared (and reasonably so) interdependent, interrelated and indivisible: why this gap?

It goes to show that there is a gap – one we need to close if we wish for a dignified life for all humans – between what should be and what is.

Which makes me ask the question: is this (see the picture below) not a human right?


It requires economic means and social rights for me to be able to sit in my apartment and enjoy this.

I would love any comments.


One thought on “Human Rights Days in Stockholm

  1. In the light of your previous post which speaks about the banality of evil, I think this topic is directly related to that phenomena and the explanation lies in the understanding of that condition, which is affecting most of humanity in various degrees with very few exceptions.

    When we lose the sense of oneness and begin to create a separation within ourselves, when we psychologically divide ourselves from the rest of the world, we create a gap in which we lose touch with that inherent wisdom and begin to close our awareness so it becomes narrow.
    When this happens there is a shift in our actions and our thoughts which causes us to become increasingly self-centered and egoistic. It means that my personal interests absorb my attention and so I lose the ability for clear and rational thinking, but more importantly I lose touch with love and compassion, which we sometimes translate as empathy.
    When we lose our capacity for empathy and our awareness shifts to a self-centered movement, we no longer feel the ripples that our actions create and so are blind to the devastating effects of our actions in every day life.

    The gap between the two forms of human rights that you described are divided by personal interests and so exists in many cases only as an idea. An idea to be altered or modified at the will and pleasure of the personal interest, be it a particular human beings private interest or the private interest of a nation or ideology.

    When we speak of human rights there is in my opinion only one true obstacle to achieving a global community where these rights are as natural as life itself and that is the never ending personal interests of man.
    For when can I say that I have enough and in all earnest can put my energy and passion into sharing this inherent freedom that is our birthright? When can I say that I, as a human being, have enough freedom so that I can in turn help my fellow man?
    Whenever we ask this question we are always met with a personal interest that prevents us from moving in that direction. A desire or fear that makes us focus our attention into its interests instead of the actual and immediate concern of the suffering and injustice of our fellow human beings.
    For in truth, is not the suffering of mankind inseparable from my own suffering?

    May we one day see the true cause of this never ending madness.

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