Setting Up Obstacles

As I was on my way home on Tunnelbanen in Stockholm today, I was contemplating the subject of obstacles. The obstacles we set for ourselves in the course of following our dreams.

Be it our detours, our excuses or self-pity . Lingering self-pity which turns us into victims instead of victors.

I was contemplating why; and the answer that found me was that we do it, because we do not believe that we are worthy of receiving all that we wish for. But why not? Why have we accepted “the state of the world and of how things are”, compromised and given up that world we saw as children? The world of magic, of dreams coming true, of days filled with nothing but joy?

Because of Love. Of what we think Love is. We think we will be loved when we just follow what our spouse, our friends, our colleagues, society expect of us – then we will be happy, joyful and fulfilled human beings.
Yet, we only delude ourselves since that which we are pursuing –  outer acceptance – we will never reach. That “line” will always be somewhere else, have moved left, right, up, down or out of sight; making us feel inadequate and hollow.

Hence, the beautiful Cate Blanchett in Georgio Armanis perfume commercial, “Sí”.
Simply, we only need to say “yes”. Even though practice is often more difficult than theory.


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