Going Under The Cloak

“In the midst of Darkness I sit , learning what I can from its wise and ancient whispers.
When the Light dawns, the Darkness creeps out , whispering: “Arise, arise – child of Night and Day. May the blackbird sing you on your way.”
Arise I do with a tremor in my heart, for I had never known that Darkness could be so soft.”

Going under the cloak is a term used within celtic mysticism.  It means seeking out darkness, going into darkness, in order to find “the vision within.” In order to meet our true selves.  In order to rediscover the inner vision, also called intuition, the third eye, clairvoyance etc., that can be reached through the process of initiation

The winter months, which are of course the months of darkness, is a time perfect for contemplation. It is easier due to the sheer volume of dark hours, of going into the darkness within and reconnecting with the Eternal Light. The eternal light of Love. Wisdom. Unity. It is within these months that initiation usually begins – into the “real-life world of magic”. The realm of energy and conciousness.
It is the time when the old fall away and die with the year that has passed and truth, what is eternal, is revealed.

Happy Monday!



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