The Way To Heaven

Walking through the winding, cobblestoned streets of Gamla Stan on Friday in Stockholm, a man handed me a small flyer.

The headline was “The Way To Heaven”.  (See picture below).

The Way To Heaven

It is one of those flyers that most people don’t read,  turned away by the obvious religious content. (Not to mention, by the general disbelief that there really is a way to Heaven. Or that a Heaven exists, to start with). Yet, there are truths in all religions of the world, truths that are congruent. But, it is often in things like these – the ones we  turn away from, beliving them to be nothing but another hoax, too obvious, too simple to be true – that we flush the baby out with the bathwater.

Heaven. What is that?
Well, firstly it’s associated with the biblical concepts of an afterlife  – in either  Heaven or Hell – that you can earn or buy your way into.  A misinterpretation  that the Catholic church in particular, during a long period lived high on spreading.
Heaven is a state of mind. A spiritual or mental  realm . Just as well as Hell.
Heaven is a state of balance – a balance between our darkness and our light.  Hell is the opposite; imbalance.

Various mystery traditions through time has – imbedded in their practice had and still has – “a path to Heaven”. A method to achieving the balanced state of mind, of being, that is called “Heaven”.


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