The Seven Deadly Sins and energy

“The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things”

Hieronymus Bosch, Oil On Wood, 1485

Hieronymus Bosch, Oil On Wood, 1485

Image above from Wikipedia.

It was the catholic Thomas Aquinas  whom in the 12oo’s put the seven deadly sins, the seven “demons” and the seven virtues into a system.  (See “Den Hellige Kriger” – only available in Danish where this theme is present.)

The seven deadly sins represent energetic states (another word could be desires) , spiritual or mental realms  in which we can forget ourselves. Eventually we will suffer from spiritual death if we do not learn to balance the equation, using the seven virtues. Spiritual death is when”the light starts to get dimmer”, when every day starts to look the same and when life seems to hold nothing but an eternal greyness.

Balance requires an eternal vigilance. And this is the heart of acedia, our sloth; this is the spiritual boundary at which we most often fall. For it requires great strenght, great vigilance and an never-bending will to balance our own sloth. This boundary is more often than not a boundary we refuse to acknowledge and so we never realize our own depths, our pitfalls nor our most beautiful landscapes.

Facing our own imbalances is a process. It is an inner journey, a pilgrimage, that we must take if we wish to reach the “heavenly state”. Just as Dante showed with his “Divine Comedy”, we must go throug Hell, Purgatory and all the states inbetween to reach Heaven, the state of balance.

As a closing note, it is unfortunate that the seven deadly sins has often been connected to the “occult”, as these states are in fact very “natural”. Occurences that happen everyday, everywhere. In the 1200’s the words often used were those of the church.
Today, there are other words for this very thing. One of them is energy.


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