A Room of One’s Own

A day in the life of a writer

“The Office of a Writer”  =)

One of my Christmas presents was Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”, which I highly recommend. It is a book version of two lectures she held, concerning the subject of women and literature, in 1928 at the colleges of Newnham and Girton of Cambridge University. At that time, these colleges were for women only.
Today’s blog is to anyone “out there” who’s ever dreamed of becoming more than they think they are, of becoming writers, painters or anything else of this sort. All we need is to start and we can do so, with the wise words of Mrs. Woolf (note that the following is my own translation of the Danish version of the book) :

“… if we have £500 (in 1928, edt.) a year each and a room of our own; if we have gotten used to freedom and have the courage to write exactly what we think, if we get out of the common living room* and see people, not always in the relation to each other, but in relation to reality, and to the heavens and the trees or whatever it may be, as it is, … if we look at the fact, for it is a fact, that there is no arm to cling on to, but that we walk alone and that our relation is to reality and not just to the world of men and women…”

*In the 1800’s few women had a room of their own and hence were forced, if they wanted to write, to write in the living room with all its commotion.


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