Carpe Diem

Carpe diem: to seize the day.

A phrase that is used laissez-faire and too easily. One thing is to know the meaning of this saying intellectually, a whole other dimension is it, to live the saying. For in order for us  to seize the day, we have to forget about who we were yesterday and who we might be tomorrow. We must be a clean slate for Love to write upon, to act through. And how do we do that? We follow our hearts, our intution, our joy. In this there is no surrender, no retreat.

To practice what I preach, my window of opportunity came today, when I got the idea to send a proposal for a photo exhibition to a café and gallery in Barcelona, Spain. (The photographic series, it might be added here, are from a journey to the Camino in 2009.)

How will you act differently today? How will you start building your dreams?

Winter, Esbjerg

Winter, Esbjerg (2011/2012).

The image is of a small field, close to Syddansk Universitet Esbjerg.


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