Les Misérables – The Miserable Ones

Esbjerg, March 5th 2014

(Own photo, Esbjerg, Denmark, March 5th 2014)

Walking my parents’ dog in the misty sunshine on Wednesday, a beautiful early spring day, we walked a different path than usual. Somewhere along the road I found a handful of books tossed on the ground. They seemed to be from an older date (judging from the photographs in them) and who knows how they got there.

I went a little closer to look at one of them, that lay splayed open on the ground. There was a photo awakening my curiosity. As I got close it turned out it was Liam Neeson, hugging a young Claire Danes. It was a scene taken from “Les Misérables” (1998-version), the motion picture of the novel by the French writer Victor Hugo. Loosely translated  the term les misérables means “the Miserable Ones”.

I had the feeling of something wanting out, to be written, in this context. It was as follows:

The “Miserable Ones” refers to a spiritual misery. To be spiritually miserable is a universal condition, upheld by repeated “miserable” thought-patterns. Misery pertains to no particular people, social group or “class”. This kind of misery, poverty, really, is a state of consciousness.

It is a state of mind, a thought-pattern, that build upon and derives from Man’s existential uncertainty. An uncertainty – unless confronted and thereby made conscious – that manifests through us as our trying to “stop the hole” full of this or that consumption good, spend an excessive amount of energy on appearances (in one way or another) etcetera.

The truth is that we can have all that our hearts desire – there is no need for misery or spiritual poverty.

All it requires is that we become aware of ourselves and our deepest longings.

It requires that we start acting in accordance with our higher Selves. That is when we will transform from the miserable ones into the blissful ones. Then everyday will be like pearls on a string. One miracle after another.

Rephrasing Thomas Mann, let us not just exist at the brink of exhaustion, let us not just  be active  moralists, malnourished from fear and petty mindedness but let us allow ourselves to truly live.

Let us not be anti-heroes, but rebels with a cause.


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