Love and “The Red Garter”

Entering ” The Red Garter” in Williams, Arizona a couple of weeks back, I was heading for a coffee. As I was standing at the counter, waiting for my order I looked down at a small box, next to the register. In it I found… cat house tokens. Tokens that in the mining era were used in exchange for “a whiskey or a woman”, as they proclaimed.

It made me think of the two sides of the coin.
There’s the mundane (“profane”), everyday, “materialistic”  –  to our physical eyes visible – side  and there’s the “sacred”, “invisible” side. Or visible to our inner eye. Sacred is not opposed to mundane; they are merely reflections of each other. Sacred, in terms of definition, describes something spiritual, of the spirit.

While contemplating this,  the waitress, a low, stout woman with curly, shoulder-long, brown hair wearing the all-American attire (a T-shirt and jeans) delivered my coffee.

I looked into her eyes, thanked her and what happened next was “reading between the lines”, something seen with the inner eye. I found myself staring back in time,  seeing another life she had lived. There I also saw the basic struggle she – and many others of us – must overcome if we ever want to experience the depth and width of life. Indeed, if we want to move forward. What I saw was the insecurity; the lack of self-respect, the dangerous dance with self-destruction. The lethal acceptance of appearances, and the very high price we pay for ignoring our inner voice, our dreams, our longings. I saw it, as I have seen it so many times before, in others, in myself. It is one of the basic struggles of learning about Love.

Firstly, about finding love within and towards ourselves.

As we are, not as we think we are.


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