Calling for creativity! Who wants to be a guest blogger?

Sharing the knowledge - sharing the love.

Sharing the knowledge – sharing the love.

Happy Monday!

So… I’ve had the idea of inviting some different creative talent into my little blog-o-sphere here starting from next week. This to keep things fresh, to give myself a little space to embrace some other things that seem to arise in my work life at the moment (more about this at a later time) and still keeping my blog alive.

Out of my two weekly posts on this blog, I’d like to invite a brother or sister in arms into the spotlight in one of them. A new blogger/writer/dreamer/…./…./human being for each week. As of now I’m not sure for exactly how long the guest spot will be open, but I’m thinking until Christmas.

Topic? Well, anything that falls within the realm of this blog and website. Little stories, words of wisdom, everyday magical moments… things of that sort of realm.

Thus, one new blogger. Say, every Thursday. Starting from next week.

Who wants to share the love?



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