On adultery

Wondering what to share today, I opted for re-posting a blog-post I posted on Field notes from an Exile this week.

This Tuesday I visited Nya Kompagniet and their The French Café on the third floor, as I wanted to spend a couple of hours in the nearness of other people while editing a writing project. Before I bought a freshly squeezed juice and a latte I went and took a look in their bookstore that’s right across from the café. There I found a book that I have been wanting to read for quite a while. Paulo Coelhos “Adultery”.

All that you need - a satchel of tea, two new green friends and a book.

All that you need – a satchel of tea, two new green friends and a book.

Adultery. It’s funny how this word and the act of going to the counter to buy a book with this title touches upon a sore area within us. (At least, within me.) Perhaps this soreness is to some extent the remains of a religious dogma peaking out? Perhaps it is because we are so desperate to hold on to our facades, to seem ever-happy that when a darker area of what it means to be human steps forth we become uncomfortable? We seek the light, but are unable to look into our own darkness afraid of what we might find. Afraid that if we look into that abyss, we will unleash something that we cannot take back. But it is my experience that we don’t need to be so afraid, for even in darkness there is light.


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