The High Priestess and the Poor Woman

A high priestess was traveling through an underground city where a woman was stealing money from  passersby’s.
The woman, seeing the gold bracelet encircling the priestess’ wrist approached her, and managed to slip it off and put it into her own pocket.
The high priestess noticed, but knew there was a lesson to be learned in this. She confronted the woman, asking her to return what was not intended for her. The woman resorted to ignorance, then to faking a pregnancy and finally openly attempting to harvest the stolen bracelet from the seeds of pity. The high priestess persisted, falling for neither traps, until the woman gave back the bracelet.
“The lesson in this”, said the priestess, “is that poverty is not about money. It is about spirit. You are a poor woman only because your spirit is chained. Unfortunately, it is chained well and good. All the stealing has made your heart grow cold and taken you away from Love. Give without taking and your spirit will be set free. No longer will you then live in poverty.”


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