Guest blogger: Ninos Charro on who we truly are

Let me introduce the first guest blogger, Mr. Ninos Charro whom on a daily basis, among other things, works with “a new kind” of leadership. A kind of leadership that is based upon self-discovery as the foundation of change and sustainable development. Within organizations as well as without. This post will be the first of two post from his pen; the second one being posted next Thursday. Enjoy! (I did).


Image borrowed here.

How much remains unseen to the eye? Shadows moving on the wall, on the canvas of our consciousness, but are they real or mere reflections of the mind? Like a veil it clouds our vision. The confused mind is like turbulent water; you cannot see anything past the surface, but if you let it calm, then you can see clearly that which lies underneath.

There is something unnamable, endless and infinite under the surface of our being. Something that remains untouched by time and space, unborn and deathless. We can never grasp it with our minds nor know it as an object of knowledge, for how could we ever turn the infinite into a limited, conceptual object? It is only the mind that does not know of any other way of operating than this, and therefore attempts to do so when clearly it is impossible. We can only know it once the mind calms and we can see through the veil into the depths of our being. In that silence we may come to know ourselves, we may come to know love.

The mind is constantly seeking something; pleasure, purpose, control or a way to escape whatever suffering it is experiencing, or rather creating. It´s activity gives out rings on the surface of our consciousness, making it hard to see clearly and thus the mind tries harder. We do not see that it is the very activity of the mind that clouds our vision, instead we look to something outside of us for the answers. A new job, belief, pleasure, relationship or something else which might give us a temporary satisfaction but we have then created a dependence to that and so opened up a door for fear to enter in.

The harder we try to figure life out, the more lost we become. We are unable to see that it is impossible to find an answer to our question when we are viewing from the level of the problem. We are then unable to actually see the totality of what we are trying to understand, for we only see a fragment of it. We are viewing from the fragment we are caught in, and it is a creation of our own mind.

We could compare the act of trying to view earth to that of trying to view the problem. Let´s say that I would like to know what earth looks like as a whole. To do that I actually have to leave earth and travel to space, for it is only then that I can actually see it, the whole of it. If I stand on earth and try to see the whole of earth, it will be impossible. What I can do is create my own image of the whole, a mental projection based upon my experiences and knowledge, but that is not it. If my consciousness is limited to the boundaries of my projections, thoughts and experiences then I can never view past them without first letting them go. For no matter how much I try, I will always view the problem from the level of the problem, as I view earth from the point in which I´m standing in until I step out from it and discover something new.

What does it mean to step out of something? To discover something completely new, something untouched by our previous experiences and therefore not bound to their limitations and boundaries. For to come upon something genuinely new, it cannot come from the old alone, for all experiences and knowledge is translated according to our past which is in essence our view of the world and of ourselves and is therefore limited to those boundaries.
To break through there must therefore be an insight not bound to the limitations of the mind which means that we cannot think our way to an insight as we think our way to a solution to a problem. For are we not then using the limited mind to try and find something beyond its own limitation? There can only be true insight into something when we are free to examine it without condemning or justifying, without labeling or analyzing. As long as we are attached to whatever we are trying to see we are bound to it and its limitations.

When we speak of having an insight into something we are speaking of a deep realization that goes beyond the understanding of the conceptual mind. This means that we cannot seek it, nor know it, through knowledge. Nor can we make it into knowledge, for whatever we construct through the mind will be limited to its conceptual boundaries. We take the content of our minds to be absolute, so when we then pose the question we assume that our reality is the only reality there is and so we seek the question from within those borders. Should we dare move beyond these borders of the mind which constitute the foundation of our perceived reality, we would question our very nature as we know it. Would we questioning our view of society, religion, belief, our relationships and ourselves? And as long as we cling to these concepts and ideas we cannot have insight into something new, which means that we have all to lose or so it seems.



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