A new year, self-care and giving.

2015-01-03 15.28.54

Nearly full moon over the enchanted land of Sweden on Saturday, Jan. 3rd 2015.

How was your start of the new year? What themes have come to you or been reoccurring in your life?

For my part, I’ve started a new “practice” I guess you could say. It’s been a long time coming, but now I feel like I finally have the presence or am in the perfect energy to actually do it.
Along with everything else that I’m currently involved in (be it finishing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, finding time to honor my writing, starting up – very slowly – a small business – more on that later on – or spending time with my fiancé, friends and family) I’ve simultaneously felt an urge to slow down. Which is a paradox, right?

Well, a paradox, yes. Yet a paradox where the contradictions can actually coexist. If one doesn’t neglect either end.

What I’m talking about here is… committing to taking good care of oneself. Because I’ve found that the more I take care of, respect and nurture my body, emotions and spirit the more energy, creativity and joy come into my life. The more I give to myself (time, rest etcetera) the more I have to give to others. Which is why I have started off this week and new year with writing in this self-care planner (free) made by the inspirational Ashley Neese.

It gives me a good overview over what specific actions I have taken today (or intend to take) in order to honor myself, my energy level, my body, my spirit.

How about you guys “out there”? What are your self-honoring practices at the moment? I’d love to hear your comments.



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