Natures artwork – a DIY


This morning I felt like getting outside into the fresh air. So I took Saari, our cane corso, and we headed out into the snow. During our hour of roaming around, I found different sculptural, snow-clad withered plants and they  reminded me of an idea I’d read about in a book yesterday (a book I’d gotten for Christmas from my grandma).

The book, “Tag Naturen med Hjem” by Pia Krøyer og Christina B. Kjeldsen,  mentioned an easy way to refresh your living space with “natural artwork”. An easy way of also attuning to the season.

As I was walking a midst the pine trees, the birches and felt the snow fall silently over a busy Stockholm, this idea came back to me; Saari and I began a morning treasure hunt for gems of the forest.

I found crumpled, see-through leaves, a pine cone and loads of other dried paraphernalia of which I have not taken the trouble of learning the names.

Gems of the forest

Gems of the forest

Walking along in the forest, I remembered one of my favorite winter artworks. One, that looks amazingly beautiful when covered in frost. It reminds me of a wintery dandelion.
I also remembered where I could almost certainly find one; we’d come across some yesterday on our walk, Saari, my fiancé and I, but… It was a little bit of a walk to get there. And did I really want to make that journey?

A little voice said that “if we want to follow our dreams, no matter how “big” or “small” we have to be willing to go that extra mile.” So that is what I did.
And – to my surprise – I didn’t even have to go to the place I’d had in mind for on the way there, I found my wintery dandelions.

My favorite winter artwork

My favorite winter artwork

Getting home, I decided that the artworks could do for a nice hostess gift. I had to get one anyway for the dinner we’re going to on Friday. And I knew that the hostess loves plants, loves to garden. What a “coincidence”. 😉

So the final results looks like this. And of course, there are infinite variations. I have a few unused frames lying around which I think will do good use for this purpose. Perhaps I’ll keep one or two for myself as well.

Nature artwork2

Natures artworks – scanned edition

Natures artwork - scanned edition, fern.

Natures artwork – scanned edition, fern.

Nature artwork6

The wintery dandelion – I didn’t have the heart to put any of the others I collected into the scanner. Instead they decorate my desk.

Natures artworks

Natures artworks – a few prints

If you feel like doing something in the line of this, all you need is some of natures artworks, a scanner/printer and a computer. The course of action is this: you simply put your own composition of plants into the scanner bed, scan, save and edit according to desire. I’ve printed these on regular photo paper; whatever you have or want to print on is equally fine.



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