This week’s energy: the body, wisdom and fluidity.


Fluidity. Image borrowed here.

This week has for me been one of tuning into my body and my deeper self. Of listening to what I need, what my body needs and what it wants. As opposed to what my mind wants (coffee, a soda, distraction). Not thereby saying that anything is off limits, but there’s a sense of grace, of elegance in listening to your body and your self and hearing what it has to say.

Speaking of listening, I was lying in my bed the other night and my mind was racing, going here, going there, speaking of all the things there was to do, coming up with random images of… well, I’m not really sure what it was. But what I found as I was lying there, was a practice I started many years back. A practice, essentially to tune into our inner wisdom, to slow down our minds and shut down the mind-chatter. A practice with the aim of being rooted in the present moment.

It is very simple: listen to the sounds around you. Try to listen to the largest as well as the faintest sound. Try listening to them all at once. See how long you can do this without starting to think. (This is actually also a good exercise in concentration). You will find, as I did and do still, how much we get swept off our feet, into thought.

Which is why today has been about slowing things down a bit; not being so much in my head, but instead trying to reconnect with my body and its tempo as it is at the moment. Flowing with life, along with my body.
Taking a walk with one of my favourites (Saari, our dog) I came to contemplate the meaning of being a woman, and how that relates to the body. What is the specific strengths, the virtues, the profound experiences that goes along with this?

These questions, I see now, gave me some answers to an idea I’ve been working on this week; a series of interviews. (But much more on this later.)

Having a body is something really… beautiful. It means to experience life and everything that comes with it. For example how water gives new life, how ginger warms, how pine refreshes and how snow calms…

Wishing you a merry Thursday.


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