Pay It Forward – (not only) a good idea.


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I think I will continue the “a good idea”-category from Fieldnotes from an Exile over on this blog and in this context, introduce a monthly book giveaway. Sort of my personal take on the book club. (The idea is inspired by lovely Sandra Lundin here on her blog, atilio.)

Giving away a book a month actually serves another purpose, too.
I’ve been wanting to clear out my book cabinets since some of the books need new homes, new minds and hearts to touch and inspire. That way I can make space in my home for new literary friends and acquaintances as well as doing good for someone else.

The January-Pay-It-Forward book is:

2015-01-08 21.20.50

“The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides

This book, as the headline says, revolves around “the marriage plot”, a well-known plot used especially in 19th century novels. A plot that was (and is) a reflection of society.

Eugenides presents his take on a more contemporary version of the marriage plot, as the story takes place in the 1980’s and starts off in a university-setting.

When I first encountered the book – in a bookstore in Berlin three or four years back – I felt drawn to it. Yet, for almost three years it sat on my bookshelf, awaiting the right time for me to read it. And then it came this previous spring. I’d taken a leave from university and that was when it suddenly “fell” into my hands. When I’d first started reading it, I couldn’t put it back down.

You know, it’s my experience that books always find us at the exact moment when we need them. They reflect something within us, stirrings, that we perhaps haven’t noticed or been able to put a finger on before. They are a mirror. Like all other things.

2015-01-10 12.25.07

Books and self-reflection.

If you’re interested in getting the book, simply write a comment and I’ll randomly choose the next caretaker on Friday, January 16th.


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