Authenticity and daring – this week’s energy.


What has been coming up for me lately revolves around being authentic. (It was also the theme of last night’s “Existential Café”.) Not that it is a theme one will ever be done with. I think it’s a question or theme that we will continually have to ask ourselves in our every day life. Am I being authentic? Am I speaking the truth? Am I doing what my heart is calling me to?

This, in turn, connects to self-care and no less so, to self-worth. Self-love.
This, self-love has also been a reoccurring theme. At one point, I have thought: well, now I love my self enough – what’s next? That was when I learned that it was in fact not so. I could and I can love myself better still.

One of the ways this has showed up in my life during the past week is through daring. Daring to be who I am, daring to take risks, daring to challenge my fears, to go beyond the known. To not let my fears or old patterns of behaviour stop me from going where I feel my heart is leading me. Not letting myself be deterred once I stumble upon fear, doubt or the likes within myself.

The truth is that I do not always succeed, I do not always succeed in being authentic, in listening to my heart. But I find beauty in that process. In the perfect imperfection. Because I see that learning is movement. And no matter if we think something is a failure or a success – it is movement. It is all… Love.

This morning a wonderful sentence came to me via a blog. A sentence that I think I will carry with me as a word of wisdom for today.
“The Universe never says no, there is only “not now” or “wait…there is something better.”

Have a wonderful Thursday!



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