This week’s energy and wishing upon a new moon.


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These past few days, the energy I’ve found myself in has been a slow, somehow grounding, energy. It is closely tied to the body, to clearing the body as an “instrument”. When we clear our body, we also clear our mind and thus make room for new thoughts.

Especially today I’ve felt a heaviness in my consciousness that I’ve discovered has to do with the capacity to let go of old ways. Old thoughts, patterns of behavior and, in connection with the body, old eating patterns that doesn’t suit me anymore.

It has also revolved around discipline; about disciplining the mind. Choosing which thoughts to listen to and which to let pass. Choosing what food to serve your body and what food not to.
It has been about listening and feeling – since feeling or sensation is connected to the body – what is the right choice. The choice between what gives energy and what takes energy. I’ve also discovered that when one’s mind becomes too involved, i.e. when one starts thinking too much about one thing or the other, it’s already “too late”. One kind of loses clarity. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that if one feels it and it resonates and brings a pleasant sensation all that’s left is to do it.

Now, for a different topic within the same realm…



For some reason, I felt like adding a picture of Isis. Then, I found that she is the goddess of magic.

Today is the day of the new moon, where the connection to the subconscious mind can be felt more clearly. Today also brings the perfect opportunity to make wishes for the coming cycle.  Lauren Spencer King writes wonderfully about this here. Today’s post even has a how-to-do-moon-wishing list in case you’re interested.

I’ve dedicated my evening to a wishing ritual like this; whether one calls it new moon wishing or anything else doesn’t matter. It’s the process that does. Happy wishing!


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