Presence – a daily practice

Yesterday I posted the Thirty Day Challenge. Looking over the thirty points of the challenge I felt like changing the focus to recounting what I already do in a day.


2015-01-04 14.11.06

This is how my days have recently looked:
I’ve begun a morning ritual of getting up early – between 5.30 and 6.30 to sit and be. From five minutes to half an hour and enjoy the stillness of the morning. In the case om me needing a little more sleep, I usually take some time to write down my dreams within the first half an hour of getting up. This sets a slow and grounded start to the day for me.

When  breakfast is done I often take a walk with the dog.

2015-01-22 10.49.34

This guy has been my companion recently; Holger, my parents dog.

As I have a need to connect with nature and Being. This is also a way to stay de-stressed and turning of mind-chatter. Usually I take two or three walks a day.

After my walk in the morning, I usually sit down to identify the tasks and priorities of the day. (Sometimes I do this the night before). And remind myself of doing one thing at a time, also in order to not get stressed and “overthink”.

During the day, I take little breaks to write in my self-care planner, to make a smoothie, a proper lunch etcetera and to just generally take time to notice what’s happening around me.  Which is also a way for me to both stay present and practice gratitude. (I usually also write down what I’m thankful for at the end of each day).

During the day I try to stay aware of how I think and speak about things, events and other people. Thoughts and words carry energy. Words are an elongation of our thoughts and depending on the vibration and the feel behind the energy (thoughts, words) we send out we have the ability to create or destroy. I therefore try to create more than destroy. Using words (and thoughts) that carry constructive and uplifting energy.  Towards others as well as myself; this is part of the earlier mentioned care of self.

At night, after the dinner and an evening walk, I try to sit down to journal (from ten minutes to a couple of hours) and/or bedtime reading. Fiction, is my preferred reading material.

The weekends and evenings are otherwise unplanned, as I try to stay open to whatever the moment has in store.

2015-01-22 17.02.19

What are you already doing to find presence, to de-clutter your life and mind? Please do share. I’d love to know.


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