Ten dreams for February


Inspired by Emily Salomon’s wonderful blogpost, I thought I’d start something along the same lines myself. A list of wishes for February…
Here goes.

At the moment I find myself drawn towards doing some inner and outer cleaning; so I find it appropriate to start off this list with:

1) I’d like to begin a thorough clean-out of our apartment; perhaps ultimately a small renovation. I’d like to let go of everything that is no longer needed, is no longer used and collect all obsolete items to give away or sell at the next upcoming flea market. This blog (Danish) as well as this one (English) has mentioned projects along the same lines.

2) A home-spa-evening with a candlelit bath, some attention for my hair and skin and a wintery Parisian-style manicure.

3) I love intimate evenings, so I’d like to spend most of them in conversation with my fiancé and preferably with some journaling and reading too; my form of meditation.

4) I’d like to go to the cinema to watch “Violette” as well as “The Theory of Everything”. Regarding the latter, I look forward to a cinematic revisit to Cambridge, where I went last October to help my sister settle in for her second year at the famous university.

5) I have a friend visiting at the end of February whom I’d like to invite out for a beautiful view and a coctail at “Gondolen” here in Stockholm.

6) On Monday my fiancé and I are taking a mini-cruise to Helsinki, Finland. Can’t wait. We even have a cabin with a sea-view!

7) I’d like to finish my bachelor’s thesis and have a polished copy ready at the end of February.

8) I’d like to start reading “Disse Øjeblikke” (loosely translated, “These Moments”) by Norwegian writer Herbjorg Wassmo. This in connection with no. 3.

9) I’ve signed up for a course, “Total Barre” through Medborgarskolan, that combines ballet with pilates which will be starting in the middle of this month. I can’t wait to discover this mix of “body arts”.

10) I’d like to improve my photography skills and start by trying to take better photographs for this blog.


5 thoughts on “Ten dreams for February

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