Valentine’s Beauty Giveaway: L’Oréal Youth Code


Parisian feminity – being who you are. Perhaps added a few products?

Three x L’Oréal’s Youth Code to be given away.

My fiancé came home Friday evening with a goodie bag. A goodie bag that has now turned giveaway!

I usually don’t use a lot of beauty products and I especially have some reservations regarding anti-wrinkle creme and the whole commercialization of beauty as a “product”. However, I am not completely void of seeing the irony in this post ; ) In spite of my many reservations, pragmatism came into play and I thought it would be pure waste leaving these products here with me or throwing them out.  Perfect window of opportunity for my little blog, especially since I also get to give something away. Oh, the joy of giving!

So, here’s the deal: three little Valentine’s gifts are up for the taking. All you have to do is post a comment specifying why you’d like this item and who you’d like to give it to. Give away closes on Wednesday, February 11th at 18.00 (GMT +1). Winners will be chosen randomly. I will try to have the giveaway at your door by February 14th. The competition is only open to residents of Scandinavia due to shipment costs.

PS: It should be noted that this post is not sponsored.


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