February Book Giveaway – A Room With A View

And the book that I am giving away this month as part of my apartment-energy-cleansing project is….


A Room With A View by E.M. Forster.

I bought this book the previous summer before leaving for holiday in Umbria, but never got around to reading it.
Here’s the back-cover description:

A sunny tale of love and liberation, A Room with a View is the story of Lucy, on holiday in Italy with her conservative cousin when she meets George Emerson, an unusual young man not of her class. Although drawn to him, on her return she becomes engaged instead to Cecil, a comically dull gentleman from her own background.

Sundrenched and optimistic, and including many issues which troubled the Edwardian public – radical thinking, women’s suffrage, the constrictions of English social rules – this is a brilliantly witty love story.  

If you’d like to receive the book, simply write a comment and I’ll randomly choose the next caretaker by Friday February 20th. Last months book-giveaway can be found here.


2 thoughts on “February Book Giveaway – A Room With A View

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