The Two Paths – a story

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As I’d just finished doing the dishes this morning a story found me.

Once there was a man whom did what was always expected of him. He had a job, earned money and was well-respected in his community. Then, one day he started to notice a change within. He was growing more and more discontent with the way he was living his life.

One day, when he was out walking in a forest, he had a vision.
In it he was shown two paths.
One path was wide and layered with bricks. It didn’t seem there was any trouble walking this path. It was the path most people, himself included, chose to walk. What he also saw was that the wide path brought predictability. He knew everything that would happen; he knew where it led. Then, alongside the wide path there were little tracks running off into the wild now and then. These paths were narrow and unpredictable. You wouldn’t know what it would bring next. At the sight of the narrow path, and to his surprise, his heart started cheering. This was the path of his dreams, of his purpose.
This was the path of mystery.




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