Surrender and receptivity – this week’s energy.

Shadows and light

Shadows and light

A lesson that has been repeated for me with CAPITAL letters, during the last couple of days, have been the themes of surrender and receptivity.

Surrender as in: how much of our old patterns of thought and behavior are we willing to let go of? How willing am I to surrender to the river of life? If I hold onto the old, I am merely postponing the healing that wants to come into my life.

Acknowledging our old patterns, in which ways they have helped us reach the point where we are now at, can be difficult. It requires us to look within – into the shadows and light of our selves. It requires us to give up the well-known for the unknown. To be willing to release the energy bound up in “unhealthy thinking”.

Once we start this work, it’s not uncommon to then come across the question: but then what? What will I find beyond the borders I’v usually stopped at?
Well, the answer I’ve found is: you’re not suppose to know. All we need to know is that we are protected, supported and helped. To the degree that we are able to let in that help. To allow ourselves to receive.

And it’s beginning to dawn on me how much better I can become of receiving and surrendering to the little gifts of Love that are embedded within the fabric of every day.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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