Notes on the moon’s impact upon our consciousness.

I wanted to share an insight today about the moon’s phases and it’s effect upon our nightly dreams. In essence it’s effect on our consciousness.

In the days since the new moon (on February 18th) my dreams at night have become clearer and more vivid. (In tonight’s dream I remember that I remembered that it was a dream. =)
I see this is a recurring theme every month: with the fading light of the moon, when moving towards the new moon my dreams become less memorable, less “visible”… And with the growing of the light the opposite happens.

I think it’s really interesting how big an impact the moon has – especially, because I used to deny the whole concept of astrology, of the moon’s and planets’ as well as stars effect on us. In my mind “I” was separated from all of “that”. However, I have since experienced that we are not only a part of our planet, our nature, we are also a part of a solar system, of a Universe and of a larger field of consciousness.

Happy dreaming!


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