The Artist’s Journey

In 2009 I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. That was one of my first “artist’s journeys”. A journey into the deepest depths of myself, my true self. A journey beyond time and space.

I came to think of this journey the other day as I was scrolling through a blog where the writer had walked a section of the Way, but seemingly without finding the gems that I’d found. Now, every path is different, but I still came to think that it’s time to share my experiences. And offer this journey, a guided one, to others. So that others may find what I found. Love. Magic. Beauty.

That is why I have planned a heart-opening journey in April (see the new Services- section) in the mystical heart of Italy; Assisi, Umbria.

Who wants to explore the mysteries with me?

Assisi, Italy. 2014.

Assisi, Italy. 2014.


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