A little list…

I thought I’d imitate some of my favorite blog-posts and post a little list myself.

A picture of where you are writing this:


A picture of yourself taken now, please:

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Three things you are going to do today:

– going to a morning-seminar on taxes and fees.

– meet up my friend from high school who’s coming on a three-day visit.

– take my friend to a great café in central Stockholm (will not tell you the name as she might be reading; and it’s a surprise which one).

The best thing that has happened this year?

Oh, that’s a difficult one. So many good things happen everyday. I’ll name a few magic moments from Tuesday.
1) Getting up, seeing the sun is shining and watching the play of shadow and light on the living room wall.
2) Checking up on my seeds that I sowed last week. They’ve really sprouted since yesterday!
3) Taking a walk with my fiancé and our dog into the forest where we sat and talked for an hour.

The worst thing that has happened this year?

Hmm… the worst thing? My two week-long cold. (But actually I’m grateful for it – it showed me some important things. And thank God it was “only” a cold. So many people have it so much worse.)

Current obsession:

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I don’t know if it’s an obsession… well, I guess it might be a small one. Coffee in the morning. There’s nothing better than to sit in the sofa after doing my morning rituals (meditation, writing) with a cup of Java. Preferably a latte. Heaven.

New ideas you’ve had recently:

I have new ideas every day. The trick is to pace oneself, not thinking one can do everything at once. But… I’ve had an idea for a lecture, an “artist’s journey” eCourse to name some examples…

Three things on your bookshelf:

Minerals, a couple of cameras (a Turquoise Holga and a Rolleiflex) and books about meditation, symbolism and energy.

Something you do not like in other people:

I can’t say that I don’t like something in other people without looking at myself. As we are all reflections of one another. Did I have to say something, it’s ambivalence. The inability to choose.

Your worst side:

As stated above, it’s simply my own ambivalence – reflected in other people – that I sometimes have a hard time with. I try to always be clear about what I want. Sometimes I don’t know what I want and then not knowing is what I must accept.

Name a dish you are craving at the present moment:

If I could choose anything, it would be tiger prawns in a garlicky sauce with some good, grounding spices. Yum!

Weekend plans? 

My mom is coming to visit in the weekend. As of now I haven’t made any real plans, as I like to keep my off-days open to whatever feels right. But, having said that, I saw that there’s a big flea market going on in the weekend. And as both my mom and I are big flea market-fans (it’s always a wonderful treasure hunt!) perhaps that is an option. Otherwise… perhaps we’ll go scouting for some tiger prawns?



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