For the adventurers and scientifically inclined… a practical.

“Thoughts are your own”, I remember hearing as a child and once in a while still do. But I’ve learned that actually – they are not. And they are not free, either.
They have consequences (think about the butterfly effect). And this week I therefore thought to share a little experiment. A practical. Along the lines of the scientific method. That is: ask (experiment) and see what happens (record the results).

On Sunday I sat down to write my “ten wishes for March” (see the post for February here, the post for March is coming this week) in my calendar and I also decided to do a little scientific experiment to share with you here.

My mom had brought me a magazine from Denmark, as she was visiting this weekend, and on Sunday afternoon I found myself cutting out various item I felt “attracted” to. (See the picture below). In some circles this is called a vision-board. I simply call it a wishlist.

The experiment is:

– Ask. Choose one thing/experience/other you’d like this month(it really has to speak to you, meaning you have to have a pleasant emotion connected with the thought of what you’d like), perhaps put it on a wishlist or write it down in a notebook and put it away when you’re done.

– Record the results. Without giving too much thought to how your wish will come into reality, simply record the results at the end of the month. How did you feel about this experiment? What did you think?

Of course, you can choose as many thoughts (or wishes) as you’d like. It might be easier, though, if you haven’t done this before, to start off “small”.

Happy wishing!


A little scientific experiment...

A little scientific experiment…




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