Full moon: recharging crystals.

I woke up this morning to such a wonderful sunny day. My body was a bit heavy due to the beginning of my period (I’m starting to realize how much in alignment with the moon we, women especially, really are) but it felt like I needed to move. So I took a walk with my fiancé and our dog in the beautiful spring-like day.

Coming home, I felt the urge to set out my crystals tonight in the moonlight to be recharged. I haven’t done this in I don’t know how many years. But I thought it could be fun to revisit them, train my sensitivity and accuracy when it comes to working with energy.
If you’re interested in how one recharges crystals, take a look at this site.

And have a wonderful day!


9 thoughts on “Full moon: recharging crystals.

    • Hi Gigi,
      Thanks for commenting – I love connecting! Yes, you can. The reason why I choose the full moon is because the energy is at highest then (the light of the moon is at its strongest). You can also use the sun for recharging your crystals if you wish (have in mind, though, that certain crystals are sensitive to the sun – their color may fade. You can do a search for which ones online.) I hope this helps. – Charlotte

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