10 Dreams for March…

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What are your wishes for March?
I actually did do a lot of things on my February-list. Except from no. 5 (we ended up going to watch “Violette” at Zita here in Stockholm instead) , no. 7 (that’s a much longer story perhaps for another time – touched upon in this post) and no. 9 as the “Total Barre” course was cancelled.

This month I wish to:

  1. Take a midnight star- and moon-gazing stroll with my fiancé and our dog. Perhaps sprinkled with something nice and warm to drink and perhaps a small treat as well.
  2. Take the train one morning to Gamla Stan here in Stockholm, stroll through the old cobble-stoned streets and explore. Sit a café for a while looking at people and life walking by.
  3. Buy myself a lavender houseplant to have in the bedroom to help with a calm sleep.
  4. Continue my apartment-cleaning/cleansing project. Have now done the bathroom and my own closet. Next will be the bedroom book shelf.
  5. Treat myself to a long-needed haircut.
  6. Research for our wedding venue with my fiancé + make a guestlist.
  7. Start a wedding-wishlist.
  8. Go to Denmark to visit my family and go try on wedding dresses (my mom booked us a time today… She’s more excited than I am… =)
  9. I’m thinking of doing something special for the spring equinox, actually, but am not sure yet what…
  10. Take time to do nothing. To lie in bed, listening to all the sounds of the world. To take a stroll and sit on a bench, watching the birds, listening to the wind.

2 thoughts on “10 Dreams for March…

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