Detoxing the mind.

Usually, when talking about detoxing, we speak of the body. Often we forget the spiritual side of it; the mental detoxing.

That said, it is easiest to start a detox focusing on the body; it will in turn, further along in the process, be clear that it is first and foremost a detoxification of our mind. When we cleanse our body, we cleanse our mind. When we cleanse our mind, we cleanse our body. As above, so below so to speak.

One of the first things we come across when wanting to detox, to feel better, is our various addictions. Addiction to sugar, alcohol, shopping, news-watching or whatever it may be. Where to start? It doesn’t really matter, as long as we start.

For my own part, I’ve just started a mental detox (meaning no reading, no TV-watching etc.) today and this week out. At least at first.
This, in order to get a clearer sense of self, to reconnect to my intuition and not in the least, my creative spirit.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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