Things we do not talk about: deja-vu’s

Do you feel it? Spring is coming!

But that is actually not the theme of today’s post, although time is.

On Saturday I was walking home from the grocery store together with my fiancé and our dog. We were walking along the path we usually take, a path that is carved into the rocky underground here in Stockholm.

As we were walking along, suddenly it seemed the whole universe opened up right there and then. I found myself walking into a moment where everything slowed down. Then, it seemed like a veil was slowly, but surely drawn aside. The past, the present and what had once been the future was one.

The reason I write “what had once been the future” is that I recognized this situation. I’d seen it from a different angle – a long time ago. I’d “dreamed” this very scene. And I remembered in that moment, as the veil vanished, the dream I’d had as a child or teenager. Of waking up from a dream of being in a strange place, where there had been huge rocks lining a walking path, something that I’d only seen in the amusement parks. Also, there had been this strange man and a dog that I had somehow seemed to have a relation to. Who had that man been?

Have a good Wednesday!


The hours of light are increasing... Spring is coming.

The hours of light are increasing… Spring is coming.


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