A practical: grounding.

While I was sitting in the forest this afternoon, listening to the sound of swing-jazz coming from afar (from a running contest), I had the idea of writing a little post on grounding.
Grounding is basically a way of emptying the mind for thoughts, becoming grounded in the present moment. There are of course many ways to do this. But today I remembered an exercise, the essence of which, I showed my fiancé this Thursday.

When we become too caught up in our minds in thoughts of worry, despair or whatever it may be, this exercise comes in handy. It lets us find out of the maze in our minds to here and now, where from living becomes easier; more effortless.

I’d recommend you go outside, to your nearest forest or anywhere where you can find two fist-size rocks and sit relatively undisturbed. As I said, two fist-size rocks, one for each hand, is preferable. (This exercise also has the side benefits of being able to teach you about the nature of energy. If you allow it.)
Sit down, take a few breaths and place one rock in each hand. Close your eyes. Try to feel each rock.
Sit with these rocks and investigate them, as if you’d never seen or held one before. What does their texture feel like? Do they send off warmth or coolness? Are they heavy? Light?

Whenever I use this exercise, I immediately become grounded and the rock(s) lends me some of it’s stillness, it’s being. (Rocks do not have doubts about who they are etc. 😉 They are truly wonderful beings of energy. Of light.)

Enjoy! And have a good Sunday.


6 thoughts on “A practical: grounding.

  1. I love rocks. Still have never thought of holding a meditation by holding rocks to implement grounding. So smart!

    By the way, is that a magnificent piece of Red Aventurine you have for the opening picture? I have a piece looking very similar and thought I would ask.

    • Yes, they are wonderful to work with when grounding! Very powerful😀. I don’t think it’s a red aventurine, but I’m not sure. I found it in the forest, half-buried under some leaves so I think it’s a piece of rock from the rocky underground we have here in Sweden.😀 By the way, Blue Aventurine, thanks so much for commenting!

      • Many of my name tags for the collection I have got jumbled over the move and such. I’ve found names don’t particularly matter in the long run. Your featured stone is spectacular, glad you both met.

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