A Monday – hour by hour.

I was inspired by a blog I read to do an hour-by-hour post today.

So here goes…

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08.13 am…

Usually my days start with 15-30 minutes of meditation – of just sitting and being. Then, I take out my notebook (this red one I just bought as the old one was coming to an end) to write my morning pages.

9.06: When done, I get up and feed this wonderful creature who also needs to be let out…

Lovely Saari... She reminds me of the dog with tea-cup eyes from H.C. Andersens "The Tinder Box".

Lovely Saari… She reminds me of the dog with tea-cup eyes from H.C. Andersens “The Tinder Box”.

After this I take a shower. Actually, a morning shower is unusual for me… I’m an evening-shower kind of woman.

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And make myself breakfast…

Mint tea, a boiled egg, a bit of yoghurt with granola and a homebaked bun with homemade jam... Heaven.

9.41: Mint tea, a boiled egg, a bit of yoghurt with granola and a homebaked bun with homemade jam… Heaven.

As I’m eating, my grandma calls to enquire how it’s going with the wedding shoes. Have I found any? I tell her that I’ve ordered some over the internet, that I will bring with me home on Friday (where I’ll be leaving for Denmark and wedding dress-try outs with my mom and my two grandmothers).

And then I’m off to explore. Which today consisted of searching for the yellow Malene Birger clutch in NK (I mentioned it in this post ) that I didn’t find, having a coffee at Espresso House while writing.  Sprinkled with occasional gazes out the window that looked upon a H&M.

Joy is in the simple things...

11.15: Joy is in the simple things…



Sitting there, looking at the shopping windows of H&M I had the idea to check their store for clutches (even though they haven’t got Malene Birger, after seeing the ones in NK I’d decided the colors were too dull and therefore too expensive). So after I’d finished writing I went to the H&M.
As I came into the store, the first thing I was directed towards was a little stand with necklaces. There I found… a similar necklace to the one I mentioned here. I’d checked up on the original one I’d wanted but had found that it was way larger than expected. But this one was perfect! Plus, it was cheaper. If it was going to be a necklace I’d become fond off then I could always have it made out of gold later. So I decided to buy it and then again remembered the clutches (that I “need” for keepsakes, boarding passes etc. when travelling). I roamed the store for a little until I came upon the make-up section. There, to my surprise I found a clutch similar to one I’d seen on a blog a while ago. One that I’d really liked but it had been sold out. Again, it wasn’t the same brand, but it was the design and colors I wanted, so here I found another little miracle! I also found a see-through toilet bag, as I’m tired of rummaging around in my old one and never finding what I’m looking for. I thereby retired the old one…

Pendant, clear toiletbag and colourful clutch... Today's treasures.

Pendant, clear toilet bag and colorful clutch… Today’s treasures.

Rejoicing over my luck and sending all grateful thoughts into the ether, I set the course for my fiance’s workplace: the tram. He’d be a conductor today, so I figured I’d go surprise him with a kiss. On my way to the tram, I met an Amnesty International-employee with whom I chatted for a while (perhaps more on this in a later post).

Making my way to the tram, I found that it was leaving and I had the feeling that my love was probably off to lunch. Looking through the windows of two passing trams, one in each direction, I figured I was right as I couldn’t see him. So I decided to make my way home again instead.

A view over Djurgården, Stockholm.

12.42: A view over Djurgården, Stockholm.

At 13.46, after a light lunch at our apartment,  I was taking Saari to the forest, where we’re enjoying the sunshine…


Coming back home, I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to work a little on the computer; writing this blog, editing pictures, taking care of some emails…

14.34: Afternoon tea and work...

14.34: Afternoon tea and work…

Happy Monday!


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