Studies in Energy – a waning moon.

The sun is shining outside. There’s a scent of freshly baked carrot muffins drifting through the air.
The batch (minus the two we’ve just eaten) I’ve just baked is cooling on top of the stove. A half-full teapot is standing on the dining room table, having served my fiancé and I an afternoon treat in each others company. Another cup of tea is at my side, breathing out its aroma of blossoms.  It completes the sensation of the afternoon, the whole week, actually. Slow, delightful, warm.

And it seems like this whole week has been a slow movement toward this moment. Toward writing this post as its content has been emerging over the course of the previous six days.

Sitting at my favorite spot in the forest this morning, I was thinking of how to put my experiences into words. How to convey what is simply a feeling, a sensation on the outer rim of consciousness.
As I was lying there contemplating this conundrum, I let the question drift off into space. Instead, I gazed at the treetops, listened to the birds and watched a couple of squirrels play on the branches of some tall pine trees. Then, I noticed my arm had started to sleep, giving way to a tingling sensation…

There! That was the answer…

On Monday I was making my way to the underground, having some errands to attend to in the city, when I found myself contemplating the “strange” energy I’d been feeling since sometime around Saturday. I can only describe it as resembling that tingling sensation of a limb going to sleep. That is what it feels like.
It “looks” somewhat the same. Like, the white noise on the old, analogue TV’s or the activity of an ant hill in sunshine.

Walking there, I also noticed that I’d had these spouts of a kind of breathlessness. A form of reminder to “come back down to earth”. Looking closer into the reason for this breathlessness, I found that they occurred every time I got lost in thought. And especially, the closer we come to the new moon the less room there seems to be for “thinking”; that is being in our heads.

But what was this energy’s purpose? I wondered.
The answer I found was that it was – or is – a dissolving energy.
And what does it dissolve?
It helps us dissolve old patterns of thought, old ways of behaving, of being in this world.

I also realized that if we surrender to this energy, we have the possibility of stepping into the flow of life. And that is something very powerful!

Somewhere, I came to the conclusion that all of this (again) had to do with the moon. (Yes, it seems like there is a reoccurring theme in these studies of energy.) On Friday evening, a last quarter moon had occurred and it seemed to correspond with that shift, the onset of this “tingling” energy that had set in on Saturday.
The energy of a waning moon, I therefore conclude, helps us to let go (if we truly want to) of the old. Old thoughts, old ways of behaving. Old dreams. And makes us ready for the new.


Waning Moon - Photo by Ralfo

Waning Moon – Photo by Ralfo





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