This morning I woke up to the intoxicating scent of the white hyacinth my mother has placed on the bedside table in my old room. (Bless her heart; she is a woman who pays attention to the details.)
It was dawning outside, there was a bluish tint to the morning light. I got up early and went to get Holger, my parents dog, and invited him into bed with me.

He quickly fell back to sleep while I sat writing my daily morning pages.

Letting it all hang out...

Letting it all hang out…

A little later, I heard the first bird chirp and I took it as a sign that the world was waking up.
Sitting there, in a warm bed with the company of a best friend I felt a deep sense of gratitude.
What more could I want?

Getting up I let Holger out into the backyard and the  chilly morning. (By the way, Holger is the Danish equivalent to the name Waldo. As in “Where’s Waldo”) 😉 I took a moment to breathe in the cold, crisp air. The sun was coming up over the horizon and I got the sense that this day was full of opportunities. Of magic.

So before I go out into the day I just wanted to take a little time to say hi and send a grateful thought to everyone who peeks in here once in a while. You don’t know how much joy you give me – thank you.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Good morning to you! My AM was filled with recaps and reruns of the surprise party we had for my husband’s 50th. We will be meeting up with the out of town guests in a few hours, brunching it up.

    I too have found a happy place in the WordPress world. Still warm and snug, I scroll away reading, liking and commenting on blogs. A smile came over my face from the picture you shared. A laugh exited in force with the words “letting it all hang out”. Thank you for sharing my Sunday morning. Glad you are here too.

    • Hi Blue aventurine, I truly enjoy “talking” to you. I hope your Sunday was wonderful; congratulations with your husband! Oh Sunday brunch is always the best. 😀 Happy to bring a smile – Holger is quite a silly dog; I absolutely love his quirky soul. And thanks so much, again, for commenting. It always makes my day. Have a beautiful day.🙏

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