A cup of creamy coffee is at my side. A tea candle is burning next to me as I sit here at my desk, wanting to write something about synchronicity.

Lately, I’ve begun to notice that life is an endless stream of synchronicities. One after another. Like pearls on a string.
I can give you an example.

I was dreaming about going to the beach on Sunday, where my parents have a summerhouse. This is a place that I always return to. It feels like home eventhough I’d say I feel at home anywhere. I think it’s the space and light that does it.
I wanted to go there to feel the salty wind against my face. Walk along the beach. Collect rocks. Put myself in the way of beauty and of the majestic elements. The sea, the wind. The sun.

A little later along, still in the morning, the phone at my parents house rang. It was one of their friends, asking my mother if she wanted to meet her up at their summerhouse (!) to take a walk. Now, this could be perceived as just a coincidence. But to me, it felt like my wish had been granted. WITHOUT me having to do anything. Other than to realize that this was what I needed and then simply tag along.

Have you noticed any synchronicities in your life lately?  


Coffee break


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