A goodmorning.

Goodmorning fellow blossoms!

What dreams do you have for today?

I went outside this morning searching for a little stillness of mind. And it didn’t take me long to find it. However, I also found something else…

A vastness.

Behind this vastness, or perhaps embedded within it, I found that today was a day of possibilities. Endless possibilities. Of choices – to move closer to my dreams or to move further away.

Contemplating the fact that living one’s dreams, whatever they may be, is an act of courage and faith I also realized that it is not about the money – the peripheral things – it’s about the way and the quality of life.

And looking at how my days look at the moment I couldn’t want anything else. I wouldn’t want to live any other way. And I guess that I’ve got it pretty good then. =)

My day will include: phoning a friend, buying a pair of wedding/spring shoes, editing a blog post and/or a few photos plus looking online for a thermos for a photo-roadtrip this weekend.



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