A little sewing project – DIY fabric garland.

As I wrote recently, I started taking a sewing class online. Now, I’ve been sewing on and off since I was in my teens so the basic “technical” stuff I’ve got down. It’s more the care for detail and craftsmanship that I want to work on and get better at.

So… I started off doing a small afternoon project: a fabric garland.

A Beautiful Mess Sewing E-Course

A Beautiful Mess Sewing E-Course

In the tutorial, it looked like this:

Fabric garland - ABM tutorial

Fabric garland – ABM tutorial

However, I didn’t much care for the rectangular shapes and wasn’t really fond of the dotted fabric either (not to mention that I have a lot of unused fabric lying around; just not dotted fabric). So I chose to do a garland that felt more like “me”. I chose a red-orange semi-shiny fabric (the color reminds me of the red soil in Australia) and for the string-part of the garland, I had some blue-green garden twine I’d bought not so long ago.

I chose to cut out five triangular pieces, where the wide part was put toward the fold, so I’d end up with a large piece to fold over the twine.


Usually, you iron the fabric and put in pins to make sure the fabric doesn’t slide – this is a place where I can learn to be more patient and not rush so much.

Instead, I simply cut out my triangles, ironed them and then cut off too irregular edges.


Then, I folded them over the twine, pinned them and made sure the distance between them was somewhat regular before I took them to my sewing machine to stitch it all together.

And… ta da! The final result.



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