On digging up our forgotten dreams.

A box of painting supplies, camera-dreams, old paintings (the loverman is a painting my sister did in her early teens. Think it was from her Robbie Williams phase. Isn't it wonderful?) and an old sewing project.

A box of painting supplies, an empty camera bag and old camera magazines, an old sewing project and old paintings. (The “loverman” is a painting my sister did in her early teens. Think it was from her Robbie Williams phase. Isn’t it wonderful? =) The other is one I did, from 2003, I think!)

On Sunday I went into my parents basement to follow up on a thought I’d had to look into my old painting supplies. Their basement is a true treasure chest as well as time capsule. There are all sorts of things my sister and I have left behind in boxes and crates, on bookshelves and in bags. Some of them I’ve shown in the picture above.

As I was rummaging through all of these lost treasures, I came to realize how many years it was since I last painted a picture. Edited a photograph. Did a sewing project. All things that I truly enjoyed, but “there was no money in”.
But since I decided to take a half a year of leave from my sociology studies and had nothing else to do than to try to recover the true self that I had felt I’d lost, my creativity seemed to be increasing. And to move in all sorts of unpredictable directions.

In the painting-supply crate I found brushes, many unused, a few that needed to leave, paint, a mixing plate and even a small canvas! All of it went into my suitcase and came back to Sweden with me.
Also, there was the old camera magazines that I figured, after flipping through them, that I could use for their photo editing tips. I’d wanted to learn to professionally edit photos for a long time, I just never had seemed to have the time. But I did now.

And then there was the old sewing project (a Christmas stocking for an ex-boyfriend). I’d never been the seamstress that I wanted to be, but again that had to do with time and again; I had that now.

So yesterday I signed up for an online sewing course to dust off my sewing muscles. I also managed to start editing a photograph!  And as I was finding a spot for my painting supplies in our apartment, I found that I had several small canvases tugged away in a box in a corner. Great times ahead!

Have you started to unearth some of your forgotten passions lately? I’d love to hear.


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