Healing Plants – Lavender.



Plants are magic. Just take a look at the book “The Secret Life of Plants”, for example.

Each plant is unique and has it’s own properties and uses, as do we.
Yesterday I was spending a lot of time in our bedroom (that works as atelier, sewing space, writing space, blog-space etcetera), moving things around as I needed to clear space for my sewing gear.
This meant that I had to remove our lavender plant that normally sits on my all-purpose vanity.
The thought had crossed my mind some while back to write a post on this beautiful plant’s healing properties and I was reminded of it yesterday. So today – here goes…

You can actually tell by its scent what it’s useful for; what associations do you get?
If you are able to “listen” or “observe” well enough and get the “common facts” out of your head you’ll get the answer yourself.

I’ve put our lavender in the bedroom as it stimulates a peaceful sleep.
Lavender also alleviates depression and strained states like it. It calms the mind which has to do with the frequency that it “operates” on.
I realize that this latter statement calls for more in-depth explaining, but that will have to wait for another time as it would be a much longer post than what I’ve got energy for today.

By the way, I have a journey coming up to Umbria  (which is right next to Tuscany and lavender country =) ) that might interest anyone who wishes to dig into the study of energy a little more…

Have a wonderful weekend, soul sisters and brothers!

Tuscan lavender. Image from here.

Tuscan lavender. Image from here.


3 thoughts on “Healing Plants – Lavender.

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